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Frontiers in Bioscience; DNA/RNA analysis tools
European Molecular Biology network - Swiss node
European Bioinformatics Institute - Databanks
Biopolymer Calculator - Schepartz Lab
ExPASy - Proteomics Tools
  Compute pI/MW

Enzyme Digests #1
Enzyme Digests #2
Nickpred - Cutting edge tool in the understanding of limited proteolysis
Troubleshooting for PCR and multiplex PCR

BCM Search: Multiple Sequence Alignments (inc ClustalW)
Block Search
CINEMA - Colour INteractive Editor for Multiple Alignments
HOMSTRAD - Homologous Structure Alignment Database

Predict Protein
Garnier-Robson-Osguthorpe Secondary Structure Prediction
HMMTOP - Prediction of Transmembrane Helicies and Protein Topology